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About Us

Equi-First Aid is an international organization dedicated to helping horse owners and lovers improve the health and safety of horses by providing emergency first aid training to individuals, clubs and organizations across Canada, the United States, Australia and more.

Equi-Health Canada Plus in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan  is a Licensed Affiliate of  Equi-Health Canada & Equi-First Aid USA.   

I'm Carolyn Kemps - Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biology, Canadian Pony Club Alumnus and Examiner, and for the past 20 years you'll find me at a barrel race or in the rodeo arena.  I joined the Equi-Health Canada team 5 years ago to further enrich my own knowledge in caring for my own horses and livestock.

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  • Farriers
  • Equine Chiropractors
  • Equine Massage Therapists
  • Backcountry Outfitters and Other Horse Experts

Why Should You Enroll in a Course?

You can be that vital step between discovering an emergency and the arrival of the veterinarian. It could mean the difference between life and death for your horse. Courses allow you to confidently apply the skills youโ€™ve learned in various emergency situations.

Equi-Health Canada Plus also has an exclusive partnership with Capri Insurance/Intercity Insurance. Whether you are a horse or farm owner, first aid training can be your key to receiving the most favorable rates to acquire equine insurance through Capri or Intercity. All you need to do is provide a copy of your certificate of completion of the course.โ€‹

Testimonials from Students & Colleagues

"LEARNING..a life long journey!  I've owned horses my whole life and like to say I have "common sense" and "horse skills"The truth is... just like professionals such as Nurses, Firefighters, EMT's, Doctors..etc ...If you own an Equine Fur Baby it is essential you take this course. Yearly...

My good friend Carolyn Kemps taught me so much today on the "basics" Simple things that YES... seem like common sense.. but honestly can be vital when dealing with a situation...a situation where you are so personally connected to that all "common sense " gets lost!! ....And you then need the skills and education to kick in.  If you own an equine... ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽor you wish for your children to ride...or are thinking of buying one..PLEASE TAKE THIS COURSE !!Thank you Carolyn for your professionalism, your knowledge, dedication, and commitment to sharing your passion to ALL horse lovers and owners !! #yourock Look her up and book her today!!!"

Colette Sawatzky - Nov/17

"Carolyn is a go getter who ensures that every person is confident in the skills and techniques covered on her first aid courses. She is eager to lend a helping hand & shares her knowledge whenever she can. She is always learning more so that she can offer more and more to those around her, helping them keep their equine partners safe through the power of knowledge and confidence!"

Jenn McCarty - Sept/17

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